Why You Need to Travel to Southeast Asia Before Anywhere Else

Let me guess, you want to become a world-class traveler but have no idea where to start on your fabulous adventure, am I right?

Of course you might already be fairly seasoned, perhaps taking family trips to Disneyland or the local water park but have you truly experienced traveling to a completely different culture without having to spend a fortune to do so? If not, then I have the perfect region in the world for you and I bet you didn’t even think of it as a starting point for your travels.


Southeast Asia

If you are a beginner traveler there simply isn’t a better region in the world to visit than Southeast Asia. If you truly want to experience the world, and I don’t mean heading to a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles or visiting Paris for a culture experience; but truly discover a world beyond Western civilization, you have to go here.

You will find some of the safest, friendliest and exotic travel here all within any budget, any age range and any level of travel experience. Mainland Southeast Asia which includes the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand offers an abundance of culture, gorgeous scenery, fantastic tasting food and plenty of things to do.

Where Should You Go?

If you are new to traveling, especially abroad, then Bangkok is an excellent choice for you. Thailand’s bustling city offers warm temperatures, plenty of activities, great street food and transit in the form of a Skytrain or boats to take you around the city. Of course if you prefer a quieter pace, you might like Chiang Mai. It is filled with Buddhist temples, markets, an elephant conservation center and even cooking classes.

I know what you are thinking, you want to hang out on a beach and get a tan right? Well, don’t worry, Southeast Asia has plenty of sun-drenched beaches waiting for you; for example, Thailand’s Haad Yao beach is a great choice or you can visit Vietnam’s Halong Bay for exquisite views. While you are at it, visit Hanoi in Vietnam – it’s such a terrific blend of culture, activity and scents to lure you in it’s like a dream come true.

I have only touched upon what you will experience in this region and believe me, I have only grazed the tip of the iceberg. Trust me, this is one region you need to place at the top of your list!