The Wonders of New Zealand's South Island

The stunning land features of mountain meets water in the thick of New Zealand is an unforgettable experience! Explore the lush flora and fauna that make up South Island, and witness the beauty firsthand.

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What better way to see New Zealand than by starting in South Island at Fiordland National Park. This amazing escape into the great outdoors will allow you to encounter emerald lakes along a hike on the stunning trails of Milford, Kepler, Routburn and Hollyford to experience the green forested valley rich with birdlife and scenic waterfalls. Travel down blue rivers tinged with turquoise and take in the majestic view of mountain scenery. Be sure to book camping in advance to experience an overnight stay among the enchanting lush forests of Fiordland. Witness New Zealand’s dramatic beauty on the way to Milford Sound with the stunning crystalline waterways of Gertrude Saddle. An overnight cruise to Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound is the perfect chance to see the steep cliffs and many waterfalls from a boat. No matter what you chose to do, Fiordland Nation Park is sure to capture your attention with its lush beech forests, sweeping vistas and mountains that fall into distant lakes.

In South Island, head to Blanket Bay where you will find a 65,000 acre farm, home to the finest luxury lodge. This retreat on Lake Wakatipu is a relaxing addition to your trip with scenic lake and mountain views on the horizon. If you like the idea of being by a stunning lake, try Wanaka with a laid-back atmosphere and activities to entertain. The nearby Rippon Vineyard on Mount Aspiring Road serves the fine all organic wines. With no herbicides or pesticides, the taste has been developed into biodynamic wines with a luscious bouquet. When in Wanaka check out Deep Canyon, a source for brilliant fun and a genuine adrenaline rush! I recommend braving a canyoning adventure with a guide that will have you abseiling, zip lining and jumping the cliffs of massive waterfalls. Deep Canyon is home to a natural waterslides that create a fantastic thrill for the adventurous soul! Just don't forget to breathe while braving the 10 meter free-fall down slippery rocks.

There is no better way to complete a trip to Wanaka than by hopping one of the Classic Flights in a vintage aircraft. Fly above the South Island scenery and take in breathtaking views of Wanaka below. Experience the freedom of an open cockpit and feel the air against your face as you take in the sights along this romantic flight. Afterwards enjoy a luncheon beneath the wing of the Tiger Moth and sip on delicious wine. The sparkling blue waters and snow-capped mountains of Wanaka are sure to inspire, so don't miss a chance to take to the sky. This fantastic vantage of Wanaka is just one of the great things about this town of fantastic cafes, fun adventures and laid-back, friendly people. The fantastic forest scenery and mountainous horizons await your arrival in New Zealand!