Perth Restaurants: The Definitive Guide

Perth is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and was originally founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829. With a population of nearly two million, it’s the fourth most populous city in Australia, and it’s also the capital of the west.


Manage Your Budget in a Most Effective Way While Backpacking in Australia and New Zealand, Part 1

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you are relegated to staying in one location and limiting your exposure to the country. In fact, far from having to stay confined to one place, backpacking lets you explore the entire country on a limited budget.  READ MORE »

Manage Your Budget in a Most Effective Way While Backpacking in Australia and New Zealand, Part 2

Australia and New Zealand are large countries, and the sheer size of Australia will make planning your route all the more important.  READ MORE »

The Wonders of New Zealand's South Island

The stunning land features of mountain meets water in the thick of New Zealand is an unforgettable experience! Explore the lush flora and fauna that make up South Island, and witness the beauty firsthand.

London is one of the best hubs in Europe with three international airports and tens air companies to choose. But when you are flying make sure you look at booking airport parking at Heathrow airport in advance, the savings you can make are huge. There are great deals to be had at all of the top airports with Holiday Extras offering great rates on Gatwick and Stansted parking too. Hop a plane to the greatest escape on South Island in New Zealand!  READ MORE »

Why You Need to Travel to Southeast Asia Before Anywhere Else

Let me guess, you want to become a world-class traveler but have no idea where to start on your fabulous adventure, am I right?

Of course you might already be fairly seasoned, perhaps taking family trips to Disneyland or the local water park but have you truly experienced traveling to a completely different culture without having to spend a fortune to do so? If not, then I have the perfect region in the world for you and I bet you didn’t even think of it as a starting point for your travels.  READ MORE »

Polarizing filters

A quick and easy secret about photography is polarizing filters.
Use one, and you'll get more vivid colours. Additionally, you will get rid of nasty reflections on metal, glass and water surfaces.
To see what I mean, look at two images below.


Green leaves and blue sky, no polarizing filter

Green leaves and blue sky, no polarizing filter, Puvociai, Lithuania

This photograph is what you'll get if you don't use a polarizing filter, as most of us do.  READ MORE »

Interview by Lithuanian radio - Jurga speaks about women and travels

Lithuanian National Radio and Television have a radio programme "Mes, moterys" (We, women).


Jurga testing binoculars at Bangkok Photo Fair 2007, Thailand

Jurga testing binoculars at Bangkok Photo Fair 2007, Thailand


On February 3, 2008, Jurga was participating in a discussion which was focused on a question if female tourists should adapt to local rules and restrictions valid to locally living women.

Grab the MP3 here (audio in Lithuanian), or  READ MORE »

Jurga's interview to crossroad.lt

We met with Zydrone and Valdas a few weeks after we came to Lithuania. The couple has decided to quit their jobs, sell the car, rent the flat and go to South America for a year.

One of the great things they did before their departure was starting up the website crossroad.lt - information source for aware travellers.
We' ve been only happy to be able to contribute to their site with Jurga's interview.


Palaung tribal woman and Jurga in one of the villages of Shan state, Myanmar

Palaung tribal woman and Jurga in one of the villages of Shan state, Myanmar


Original text in Lithuanian is here,

while English speakers will prefer reading the translation below.




Which one of you had the carreer break idea first, and why?
You know, ideas are always in the air. If you want something, you will  READ MORE »

Thoughts after the trip

Year long trip is over.

It could be good to summarize it, think about what we learned and what has it given to us, what have we lost, and was it worth at all.

These are good and deep questions, but  READ MORE »

Taxi prices in Bangkok

Though Thailand is the most organized country in the region (except Singapore of course), sometimes it can be rather hectic to find out the actual price for transport services.  READ MORE »

Tips for travellers

Though our long and interesting trip is over, and it could seem there's nothing more to write... wrong!  READ MORE »

Cringel articles in "Verslo klase" magazine

Download the articles below. Right-click and select "Save link as.." or "Save Target As..", save the file to your computer and open it from there. Make sure to select "View > Continuous (Facing)" in your PDF reader.  READ MORE »

Computer heaven in Bangkok

Pantip Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Pantip Plaza computer heaven, Bangkok, Thailand


So, you've arrived to Bangkok. You know that photography goods and computers should be relatively cheap here, especially bearing in mind the VAT refund scheme.

Asking around in a hotel reception and during the dinner, reveals that the best place to buy a laptop you've been dreaming about, is Pantip Plaza. The hovering image of a laptop in your mind obscures the wry smiles of your newly met friends at the dinner table.  READ MORE »

Surefire way to avoid traffic accidents permanently

If you think careful driving and awareness increase your safety, you are deeply mistaken.

Lucky amulets hanging from the rear view mirror, Bangkok, Thailand


Some simple protective measures (medallions, amulets, statues of deities) are fully sufficient.  READ MORE »

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