Quitting the job

Cringel articles in "Verslo klase" magazine

Download the articles below. Right-click and select "Save link as.." or "Save Target As..", save the file to your computer and open it from there. Make sure to select "View > Continuous (Facing)" in your PDF reader.  READ MORE »

4 things that I'm happy about

  • Today I called the travel agency saying that I want to pay for the reserved tickets. They said "but you have cancelled it" (which we didn't). After 4 hours of hesitations, discussions and negotiations I have them in my pocket, purchased and ready. Not planning to let go of them anymore, no sir!  READ MORE »

Simple things bring joy as well

Been talking to Andrius a few days ago. About what do we still have to prepare for our trip.  READ MORE »

The route of our trip, on the interactive map

After the long and tiring duel with Google maps and the content management system that this site runs, I gave up.

No interactive maps so far.

Will scan a paper map and draw our route by hand soon.  READ MORE »

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