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You already know that we took a risky decision to quit our jobs and go travelling. You also might know that we took a hefty bank loan to be able to do that. You know a lot about us.

We have less knowledge. For example, we do not have a clue when and if we will be able to find the job or create the job when we are back, to make a living.

If you would be willing to help us continue this blog (this means more traveling for us, yay!), there are a few things you can do. They are listed below, sorted from no investment to somewhat of an investment.


Bookmark us!

Yep, even that could be helpful. That's an easy one, so you absolutely should do it.


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Right here. Don't know how, or dont know what is it at all? Go here.


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Think our idea and the concept are interesting enough to steal a few minutes of your friend's or relative's time? Drop them a link to us, or use this form.


Link to us

Have a blog? Run a site? Know someone who does that? Then link to us, either to the front page, or to any of the inside pages that you think are noteworthy.


Exchange your funds to our advertising space

1 text link, one month, 10 bucks. Might change the rate in future :)


Donate via Paypal


Donate via Moneybookers. Any amount is good. 1 $, 5 EUR, 10 £ or 100 ¥. Should go to marius dot slaustas theemailsign capital dot lt. The address is complicated, I know, but that's only to protect from spam. Drop me a note if you can not decipher the address



Umm.. buy something, which we don't have but hope to

Well, I hope we have it by the end of the journey. I won't tell what's that, though. Until we have it, that is :)


Naturally, all other suggestions regarding the support are welcome.

Over and out.


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Good luck guys!

Despite how wonderful the Asia is, don't forget about the cold and grey Lithuania :)

Have fun and don't eat the freshwater shrimp (this is very serious).

Andrius and Martina

Marius's picture

Impossible to forget

How could we even theoretically forget this cold, grey and boring country. No chance - it's too much of it in our heads already.

Most of the time we have a new experience while travelling we compare it with "how it is back home".

What's wrong with the freshwater shrimps and how do I distinguish them? 

Good luck! Can you spread the Drupal word, please? :-)

Hi, I wish you all the best on your adventures.

Please get back to me by email if you would be interested in doing a little Drupal evangelism. Maybe we can make a deal about some support for your trip. I am looking for people in the countries that you intend to visit - that speak well English and know PHP / CMS development.

PS-1. Here on this site, you should remove the privilege for authenticated users to _administer_ TinyMCE... (administer/access control).

PS-2. You should also set "Filtered HTML" as the default input format on this site AND remove the privileges for authenticated users to use the FULL HTML input format (dangerous, can break the site). (Administer/input formats). To allow yourselves to use the Full HTML input format, create a new user role (administer/access control), assign it to each desired user (administer/users) and then go to Administer/input formats and enable the Full HTML input format for that new role... Then your new users will not be able to break your site that easily (or by mistake).

PS-3. And as a consequence of not using Full HTML for normal users, you should make sure that the Rich Text and the Filtered HTML input format is set to use the same filters as the Full HTML currently does. (click on each to adjust, set them to the same order as they are on the Full HTML). If you do not do this, things such as line breaks will not work properly. I had to set the format for THIS post back to Full HTML because those filters are not set (properly) for the Filtered HTML input format.

Enjoy your freedom !

Treebeard :-)


Best wishes Jurga

You have some people in Global Business Analysis excited about your trip. We will check back frequently!!! Safe Travels!

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Hey! great to hear from you!

Hey! great to hear from you! Thanks for reading, appreciate your interest.

Editorial support

... leaving for Asia ... not to Asia!?

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Support accepted

Hi, Anonymous,

thanks for editorial support. Our mothertoungue is not English, and I believe if you are writing this comment, you know what you are saying.

Site title changed.