Cringel in media

Everything is difficult during vacation, even reading

During our trip, apart from the travelling itself and soaking up the experiences, we did some other rather typical things, like photography and writing.

Some of our texts are posted online, right here on this blog. However, we are happy to have a possibility to contribute to other types of media as well. The articles in "Verslo klase" magazine were printed during our trip, everything else was published after it.



Jurga and Marius on Lithuanian National television LTV, speaking about Burma




Interview by Lithuanian radio - Jurga speaks about women and travels (external link, audio in Lithuanian)

Second interview by Lithuanian radio - Jurga speaks about women, sun and skin (external link, audio in Lithuanian)



Newspapers and magazines:


Articles in "Verslo klase" magazine (series of 10)

Jurga and Marius interviewed by "Nuo... iki" magazine

Jurga interviewed by "Vilniaus diena" newspaper




Jurga interviewed by (English)

Article in mentioning our trip (external link, text in Lithuanian)

Marius interviewed by about Burma (external link, text in Lithuanian)

Marius participating in "Lithuanian Magellan 2007 competition" (external link, text in Lithuanian)


Photographs used by media:

Image of Crazy House located in Da Lat, Vietnam, Sonntagzeitung (Switzerland)

Image of Australian bush fires, Next Generation magazine (UK)



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well i guess i misunderstood sth, as i thought you were going to come back to Lithuania in August.

i have been following your travels here in this blog and also in VK. there are so many things to say, but the short form would be//


hope you got a lot from this experience. a human being should never stop learning. 




Marius's picture


one of the pleasures of not planning is the ability to do as it seems fit at any given moment. Youd did not misunderstand. It's just that we weren't exactly sure if that will be 3 months or half a year or more.

  It appeared that Asia is great, so we went to more countries than planned. Couldn't skip Australia and New Zealand as well. So the travel time got extended.

Great to have your comments, hope it's not so bad back home as well.

Nammie's picture

New Zealand, the place to be..

Hey guys, I just spent the past hour checking out all your posts (and at the same time making sure that my boss is out of sight). It's great to see how you guys decided to pack up and go traveling, you've been an inspiration for me and my friends so now we're planning to do something similar ourselves ;-) (nothing definite yet though) Until then, I will have to endure my job and entertain myself by reading Cringel.

By the way, while you in NZ, make sure you try our famous L& P, available nearly everywhere.

Marius's picture

Keeping the boss away

Hi, Nammie,

it's great to hear that there still are people that are willing to test their chances to take the best from life. Everybody's buying flats and rooting in the ground back home :)

We have travelled for nearly a year now, with only one month remaining. There are no sad feelings though, as we have understood that things will turn out the positive way in any case. Inevitably.

Too late with L&P, as we are in Thailand now.  Having "vacation from vacation". Relaxing as can be.

Stocked up on anti-office movies recently. "The Office" season 3 and Dilbert. That's quite a good vaccine if you're suffering from bossalergie.

Best regards.