Marius in all the corporate glory



Date of Birth: 70-ies

Languages spoken: Lithuanian, English, Russian, bit-of-German, tiny-bit-of Swedish, pre-pre-pre-Thai


  • Badminton, travelling, hiking, biking, camping, diving, and all the remaining sports
  • Reading: fantasy, business books, IT books
  • Cinema
  • PC games, especially most of RPG and Battlefield 2

Education: Information Science, International Communications (MSc)

Occupation: self-employed - web development and photography. All the corporate blah-blah is posted at LinkedIn.


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Dear marius: I would like

Dear marius:

I would like to get some information concerning traveling with your crew as a photographer at some point in the future.  I have seen a few other sites like yours, but yours is so much better presented.  Examples of my work can bee seen using the URL -  I am currently in South Korea, but will be going back to the United States for a few weeks at the beginning of January.

I was also wondering if you could tell what settings I need to put on my iMac to have my cringle mail sent directly to my mail server on the computer.  If this is at all possible.

David B. Mann
저는 사진작가입니다
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Travel photography



concerning the first part, let me answer you personally. 


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