RSS? News feeds? Syndication? What is that and why do I need it?

RSS is a subscription service, standard on the Internet.

It automatically notifies you which of your favorite sites have been updated.

If you have 20 beloved sites which you like to read, you don't have to manually visit them each day to find out if they were updated. Subscribe to their RSS feeds, and your RSS software (Mozilla Thunderbird, Forté Agent, etc) or a web service (NewsGator online, Google Reader) will fetch it for you whenever there is new content., naturally, has RSS feeds too, and you are more than encouraged to use it. If you are new to RSS, try to configure your RSS reader and enter RSS feed as your first test feed :)

For more theory and practice on RSS, go to Wikipedia

RSS feed icon: RSS feed icon. Image source - Wikipedia







RSS feed icon. Image source - Wikipedia.