Photography by cringel

As the famous saying goes, it's better to see something once than to hear about it for a hundred times.


We also think photography is interesting and rewarding.

And we want to show you what we see during our trip.


We have a lot of pictures though. The good news are - they are classified according to categories.


Have no time? Just look at the best pictures.

Trying to kill the last four hours of Friday before weekend? See the whole collection.

Looking for something to surprise you? Check out the unusual and funny.


Alternatively, select according to your interests:









Street life


In an unlikely case that you are either a friend or a relative, don't forget to check out Personal gallery - that's where the pictures of cringel crew are.


One more word. We usually do not do any postprocessing of our photographs. It means no adjustments in photoshop, no buffing up the colors and no increasing of contrast.

We take the photo from the camera, crop it, make it smaller and post to internet.

In very rare cases we do something of the above (like remove and ugly beer can in an otherwise beautiful photo), we write about it in the image comments.



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chica_alicantina's picture

gal rasau ne po tuo postu, bet si citata labai tinka i si psl.

Jei prakaituoji akis išplėtęs ir šitaip triūsi labai ilgai,
Tai galų gale pasakysi, kad nėra nei čiurlenančių upelių, nei čiulbančių paukščių.
Visą pasaulį tau sudarys šie trys dalykai : tu, prakaitas ir tavo vargšės išplėstos akys.

Marius's picture

Yes, we realized that

Umm, by saying "sweating" - do you mean photography or the office job?

Also, please use English. Thanks :)

Very good feature

Hi travellers!

Its great to see your pictures in one place and organized. Very "eye friendly" display of the larger image of the photo! And the quality of pictures is very good! Seems like these photoghraphy courses you took before the trip were really usefull!

Best luck!


Marius's picture

Very much hope so



thanks for compliments.

I very much hope that the photography courses were useful. Today it's the second day in a row when we get up at 4.30 in the morning and drive to nearby red sand dunes to catch the sunrise.

Should probably look funny - 4 half-awake zombies on motorbikes riding into the dark from the hotel.