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Trekking in Shan State/ Myanmar

Minglabar Jurga & Marius,

my name is Mario. I am from Germany and I just returned from Myanmar where I did a trek with Naing Naing who you also know.

He asked me to inform you that he is prepared for doing another trek with you. Internet is not working in Kyaukme at the moment, so he asked me for writing you an email: If you want to return, he is happy to welcome you in December.

If you do so, send him and his family many regards from me. Also tell him that I will send him the foto of the Shan palace as soon as I get it.

Happy traveling,


P.S.: The mail-address Naing Naing gave didn't work, that's why I posted the message on the contacts-page

Marius's picture

This is so good to hear

Hi, Mario,


you can't imagine how good is to hear that Naing Naing is well. We were quite worried  when we saw on TV what's happening in Myanmar in October.

Do you know if our postcards reached him? One never knows what's the best way to communicate with someone in Myanmar. Will have to call him - if the junta did not cut off the phone lines..

Will definitely send your regards and info about the palace.


Your Friends from Denmark

Hey Marius and Jurga.

Don't really know if you remember us, as you experience so many amazing things!

In Laos we spent some time together at the gibbon experience - we're the 5 danes from three-hut 3..

It was a great time back then, and I realized  that Marius took some great photos of us hanging above the jungle canopy, that I completely forgot!


I tried to email you many times, but this doesn't seem to work very well for me. Therefore I hope you'll see my post, and try to contact me..

I am very interested in marius' photographs from the gibbon experience, so I hoped  we might could either email some, or maybe even burn a disk and send to my homeadress in Denmark - surely I will pay for taxes and any other costs (etc.)..


My email is


Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards, Frederik from Denmark 

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Check your email



thanks for the note, please check your email for a reply. 


I came across your site by accident. Actually Vietnam interests me. I used to be there between 1965 a 1975 and am writing a blog of that time and am curious about attitudes to the country today. I am of an older generation so the past might not interest you. I will follow you with interest and try your RSS feed. I am very new to blogging and do not understand all the techniques.
Best regards and good luck.

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Now and then

Hello, vnrozier,

glad you dropped a comment.

For sure I went on and visited your blog. You have an impressive amount of photographs and thoughts, and it is really fascinating to be able to compare the same country over a distance of 40 years.

History as a topic does not stand in the first rows of my interests, but I do not think there is a slightest chance to be able to avoid history in Vietnam. It is in every cobblestone.

You write that you are new to blogging, but from what I judge, you have mastered the techniques you need.

If there is anything in particular that interests you about today's Vietnam, let me know, maybe I'll be able to describe it. 

Best of luck to you, I'll follow your blog as well.