Bangkok Suvarnabhumi - Ban-Phe - Ko Samet. First days of the trip

Meet me at my new office (yes, that's where I write this post)

Marius works in a new office now

Marius works in a new office now

So. We landed in a brand new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, which is still under construction in some parts. Everybody passed the immigration without problems except Andrius, who wrote a wrong flight number in a form that we filled-in during a trip. But it took just a few minutes of explanations, and we were outside, waiting for our luggage.

Since we were quite tired and at the same time eager to get to the destination as fast as possible, we chose to take a taxi.
There naturally were a few scammers shouting "Taxi Patthaya! You needa taxi Patthaya?", but we just went downstairs to a taxi reservation stand and agreed to a price of 2300 baht (50 EUR / 65 $) for a trip. The staff wrote the price on an official receipt and gave it to as, so the taxi driver could not cheat or say a different price at the time of arrival.

After 3 hours we reached Ban-Phe. It is a small town on the mainland, 30 or 40 kilometers east of Rayong. Ban Phe is mostly renowned as a hmm.. a stopover to the island of Ko Samet :)
The town itself basically consists of a main street parallel to the sea and filled with stands, booths, shops and travel agencies. Modern branch of Bank of Bangkok distinguishes itself from the surroundings. Unfortunately, opening of accounts to foreigners is not available.

Ban Phe sales lady

Ban Phe sales lady

Leaving the ladies (and the luggage) at the bar, we departed to search for our first accommodation. As the town is not a site of tourist attraction, we hoped that the rooms will be very cheap. After Andrius and I visited 5 places, we realized that they are not so cheap as we expected, but not very expensive either.

Very bad looking bungalow for 2 persons and tragic bathroom facilities cost 150 baht (3.3 EUR / 4.2 $). This is cheap, yes, but I don't think anybody would like to stay there. Or it can be that we did not switch to a different standard yet.
The funny thing was that being the cheapest, the accommodation had a sea view.
Anyway, being tired and such, we decided to choose a more comfortable option.

Next, a 500 baht (11 EUR / 14 $) for a double room at Christie's, without breakfast. Aircon, TV, hot shower. Very good, but not suitable for 4 people. So we paid 900 baht (19.8 EUR / 25.3 $) for a triple room with the same conditions, and managed to squeeze all four of us into it.

Other options that we were looking at were 800 baht (17.6 EUR / 22.5 $) double aircon'ed and TV'ed room and a whopping 2000 baht (44 EUR / 56.3 $) for a nice Japanese style bungalow.

While passing the police station, we noticed 40 locals doing aerobics in the yard. No wonder our ladies' eyes were so much fixed on a nicely built bodies of Thai policemen in the airport.

Dinner, good night's sleep, lunch. Fantastic Thai food.

A return ticket from Ban Phe to Ko Samet - 100 baht (2.2 EUR / 2.8 $). Boat departed from Banpae pier, just opposite 7-11 shop where we bought our 1-2-call SIM cards. 40 minutes and we stepped on our first promised land of Ko Samet island.

On a ferry

On a ferry


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Elenute's picture

UK with you guys

Hey guys....super!!!! We are happy for you!!!
I agree more pictures and less vodka :)))
Good luck with diving:) 
Marius's picture


Less pictures, more vodka.

Aye-aye, captain!

Certified advanced open water divers 

to travelers

Thanks for sharing your travel experiences. More pics, please! I hope your inclination to vodka will not prevent sober memories:)

Good luck with everything, especially to Jurga:) Best wishes from North American continent!


Sveiki, tailandieciai!!

Sveiki, tailandieciai!! Naugarduko g. eilinis vynelio pagerimas...kaip suprantantate, gyvvinimas cia nesustojo ir jums vistiek pasiilgstam (cia komentaras aurimo)...

Viskas, kas buvo pasakyta auksciu, bullshit... Aurimas eilini karta pasinere i sentimentalumo liuneli. Isgerem vyno, valgem kepta ir itrinta priekoniuose anti. Romas gere daugiau negu kkiti. Kristina rode nuotraukas, kuriose ji netraode plona. Ji sake, kad sau nepatiko. Paskui ziurejome Zalgiri. Jis pralaimejo. Sninga. Ir daug. bus kelininkasm rupesciu. Bet mums ne motai. Mes gyvename persptyva ir tikimes daug is gyvenimo ir savo keliones i Tailanda (cia komentavo Gediminas)

o cia as:-)Romas
Mano uodega pleiskanoja :) o rugpieniu kaimas dega. Madona varo roka, o gedas man diktuoja ka turiu rasyti. gedas bando ismesti is rasytoju gretu aurimas praso neapipilti klaviaturos. Na uzteks apie mane :) tik norejau pradet , bet gedas tut kak tut

o dabar raso kristina. as bijau rasyti, nes pijokai prisigere man sako, ka rasyti. as nebeturiu nuomones. net apie tuos laikus, kai neatrodziau plona. nors ir dabar nesu plona. taigi, valgykite gera maista ir rupinkites kita higiena. aciu.

Pagaliua chebra prileido prie kompo. Jie kaip zombiai, vis raso ir raso visokias nesamones ir niekaip negali pasakyti esmes. o esme yra ta, kad jusu kelione, pamirsau, ka norejau pasakyti, bet tikrai per kita prisedima busiu konkretesnis. Romas sako, jam grazu. Oas netikiu, nes jis atrodo kazkike atbukes, bet gal as klystu. Aurimas padare nerealiai skania kava is svieziai maltu pipeliu. Tokiso kavos siaip ja ugatveje kokioje kavineje tai tikrai nerasi. Cia gedas

Cia vel Aurimas. Mes visdar Naugarduko gatveje:) Cia visai linksma ir nepatikesit - visdar treciadienis!!!!! Romas jau meta nuo kompo, bet as nepasiduodu ir rasau toliau...Madonai is klyno ruksta dumai:) - mes ziurim koncerta:) Leidziu i eteri Roma

As tai tik mokiu spausti ENTER tai tai ir padarysiu :)
Tai banaliai linkim jums sekmes. O kur cia limitas?

P.S. Lenickas mus paliko

Marius's picture


Well, I was always trying to keep the German "ordnung" and answer/translate all the visitors' comments.

But that was so unbelievably funny and untranslateable that there is no way I will spoil the comment with my text. Enjoy, Lithuanian readers.

Isgere zmones vietos

Isgere zmones vietos neranda... Bet gerai varot :)

O jums, keliautojai, linkejimai is Frankfurto!

Cringel Jurga's picture

this was the most funniest

this was the funniest thing within a week. thanks, guys!


One more day without uploading and we'll announce about Your search! "Cringel WANTED".
Hey, don't save money on internet - it's our nerves You are playing with! We are losing patience :)
Seriuosly, hope You are relaxed and the trip is smooth-going. Good luck.
Looking forwards,

Marius's picture

There is only one thing

that I can say

Hey, travellers!! sorry for

Hey, travellers!!

sorry for using English instead of our native language, but let all Cringel visitors understand the impressions and pulse of your adventure.
All the best wishes from Jotautu family :):)
Can't wait to read and see more about your traveling (checking Cringel several times a day for the news.... :)
By the way, the skiing season opens next weekend for us - will be missing you, our cohabitants!


Marius's picture

Skiing is one of the few things we miss during a journey

Firstly, thanks for the comment. We have to admit that mentioning "skiing" makes us a little bit jealous (could you believe that?).

Remembering all the slopes in Austria, ehhh.

Have a good mental rest as well as few Jagermeisters on the way. 


Labas, Andriucha, raso tau AJDJPJJJ seimynele. Pas mumi sninga labai uz lango, tai buvom nuleke slidziu pasiziureti. Muset neatlaikys musu nervai - imsim. O tu - sezona praleisi:) Tai nors ant vandens slidziu pasliauzyk. O dar parasysiu, kad tavo kriksto sunus zaisdamas kortomis su Pvsc seneliais - sukciauja. Klausiau, kas ismoke. Sako, kad pac sugalvojo:) Gal ne i tema as cia(visi tokie romantiski:), bet tikiu, kad jums viskas gerai. Linkejimai kringeliams. Beje, as tas tavo korteles cia padalinau, tai pas mumi daug jusu fanu yra. Eisiu siandien pas Juce - ten irgi pametysiu.
Na, laikykites uz kokio bananmedzio ar bambuko.


Tai gal įdėtumėte savo nuotraukų „interjere“. Nes kitaip nelabai aišku ar visi ten esate iš tikrųjų )

Marius's picture

Wow, somebody is actually not fully believing

that we are in Asia.

What kind of proof would satisfy you? Erm, picture with a Bank of Bangkok in the background? 

Good point about Vodka in the morning :)

I think I will implement morning Vodka principal in Lt as well.. God knows what they put in Kellogs cerials, better be careful :)

Nice pictures! Greetings to the whole crew!


Marius's picture

Yes, yes,

it is quite definite that you never know what these evil corporations are doing. So it's best to confront one corporation with another, in your case - Kellogs with Finlandia. Then they neutralize each other.

Greetings status: accepted by the whole crew.

How's India? 

More pictures!!!

Common guys :) post up some more pictures! (Tom)

Marius's picture

I can see all this typing

is too boring for you. The guy who said that 85% of information comes with packaging, and not content, was probably correct after all.

Is that what you could be possibly looking for?


Hi friends!

nice to know everything's going just great for you!
Looking at the photo with you in flip flops, sitting in the beach with bottle of beer, makes me a bit jealous :)
Do you have any particular plans for week in advance or just sit back empty head and enjoy the sun?

Marius's picture

Hello to you too

Don't be jealous:

  • the beer in the picture was not mine;
  • the plans to sit empty headed failed and there was always too much activity. Actually, more mental than physical.

It's not so easy to do nothing, it appears.. 


Congrats mates for reaching this beutiful country. I hope you will get what you are looking for :)


Marius's picture

Thanks, Sraigius

I believe we are already getting what we are looking for in big doses. Will see what Vietnam brings us.


..that sales lady is hot! :)
Nice camera work by the way, keep photos coming.
May the good digestion bacteria be with you!


Marius's picture

A lot to learn

from all the sales people on the street. Especially Indians in Bangkok, offering custom suits and shirts. Masters in starting up and keeping the conversation.

The photos are taking up more and more space on the laptop. Will have to post some of them inevitably.

The good digestion bacteria got depleted and instantly we got sore throats in Bangkok. Could be a coincidence though.


idekit nuotrauka savo bangalu.
ir papasakokite koks jausmas kai i darba nereikia ir nereikes eiti dar ilgai ilgai.
vilniuje saule sviecia. neitiketina.


Marius's picture

Bungalow pictures

Yeah, I think it is a good idea to post a few pics of the places we stayed at. Coming up.

The feeling when you don't have to go to the job is releaving in a sense. Can get rid of most of meaningless routines that have been growing around you.

At the same time it can be important not to relax totally and still keep doing something. Travelling is a recommended option. 

Marius's picture

Thanks :)

Yes, SIM cards work just when you put it in the phone and dial *666 for activation.

Network - Thai GSM

Yes, prepaid. 4 EUR for SIM, the cost for calling in thailand is 2 EUR cent per minute. 


Congrats on making it this far. That's awesome to see all these interesting photos.

About the SIM cards - can you just put them in your phone and they work? What network do they use? Were they prepaid SIM cards?