Computer heaven in Bangkok

Pantip Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Pantip Plaza computer heaven, Bangkok, Thailand


So, you've arrived to Bangkok. You know that photography goods and computers should be relatively cheap here, especially bearing in mind the VAT refund scheme.

Asking around in a hotel reception and during the dinner, reveals that the best place to buy a laptop you've been dreaming about, is Pantip Plaza. The hovering image of a laptop in your mind obscures the wry smiles of your newly met friends at the dinner table.

During the next morning, you understand the reason.

It. Is. Huge. And has nearly everything. As wikipedia says, "There are hundreds of small shops specializing in computer hardware, software and accessories, including parts, repair, modifications, networking, second hand, laptops, Macintosh and peripherals".

Could easily spend a day or two here, trying to compare prices and offerings. At least it's good that there's not so much of photography goods, otherwise there would be no escape.

What concerns hardware, there are a lot of shops dealing with used parts, which isn't what you are looking for. The first shock wears out, and now you feel much more energetic and proficient in navigating the narrow passages between stands.

Alas, even after a fulfilling lunch inside the shopping center, you don't manage to find a laptop without Thai alphabet on the keyboard. And the "discount instead of VAT refund" scheme does not sound too promising, backed by heaps of pirated software offerings all around.

You can't leave without buying something, so 10 counterfeit DVD movies appear in your hand.

Later, after finding out that 3 of them do not work, you decide that Pantip is only good for looking at. If you're not local and don't possess the knowledge regarding which of the shops are best.