Rollercoasting through the roof

Indoor roller coaster "Supersonic Odyssey" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Indoor roller coaster "Supersonic Odyssey" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Call me old-fashioned, but I have always imagined roller coasters to be in outdoor amusement parks. Realized my mistake when saw an indoor one, in Berjaya Times Square.

Integration is good and such, but it would also be great to avoid the beloved scenario of sci-fi literature when the whole planet becomes one huge megapolis. 


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McDonalds.. not getting anywhere out of the picture, I believe.

Strangely, back home we never eat the crap. But while travelling in Asia, from time to time we get a strange hunger for junk food. Once a month approximately. Then the place comes handy.

Except Thailand of course. Their food is best. 

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the McDonalds to the left

my last visit to KL, and to this plaza was three years ago now, I was confused by the rollercoaster for sure...until hunger got the better of me, and from there all thoughts on it shifted to McDonalds to the left - if its still there - and suddenly that became more important. This section really did look alien from the rest of the plaza though, which I found distracting, but it was a good curiosity.

I remember my last visit to KL starting from the twin towers, and my friend and I just went with the flow, although I found the ring of life around the twin towers impressive, I suppose the city softened up into a more universal cosmopoliton as you walked your way out. The memories of past visits seem a little faded over time though, so I can only remember fridges of the place.

You can see even kind of

You can see even kind of integrated small "city within a city" in Sunway - a huge shopping mall ("Sunway Lagoon") incl. skating rink and cinemas like in Akropolis :), huge outdoor theme park, convention centre and luxury hotel, even well-respected private university and hospital - all belonging to the same group of companies... :)

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Been there?

So you spent your own share of the time in that city.

What's the opinion?