Rainy wrecks, I mean treks

Bar by relaxing riverside of Rapti river, Sauraha, Nepal

Bar by relaxing riverside of Rapti river, Sauraha, Nepal


Arriving to Chitwan National Park in the south of Nepal during monsoon, consequently - low season, we expected few tourists and throngs of mosquitoes.

Bearing in mind that some of the biting beasts carry a lifetime present of malaria, we at last managed to wake up out of half year's lazy "no anti mosquito prophylaxis" slumber and properly protect ourselves with a repellent. Either it was effective, or there were not much mosquitoes around, in any case we stayed there practically unbothered by the itchy bites.

Near absence of tourists, in turn, enabled us to relax on a quiet and relatively underdeveloped country style riverside. We sipped our beer overlooking the intriguing green mass of trees on the other side of Rapti river.

Tomorrow we will do a 20 kilometers walk through that jungle, but the gathering rain clouds unnerved. Not one more rainy trek please.


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check  National Geographic

check  National Geographic July issue on malaria. It is terrible to know that it is endemic to 106 nations, threatening half the world's population.  The half!

regarding malaria. some

regarding malaria. some Europeans living in Africa say, that it's better to live through one, than to swallow those semi antibiotics.