Packing taken to the limit

One place to get a good experience in foreign country, or your own, is a governmental or any other bureaucratic institution.

Vietnamese post is quite like it. It has rules, some of them seem strange, some normal, but I don't want to judge it, since it's so far from home and there can be many reasons unknown to me for these rules to exist.

We spent 3,5 hours preparing and sending the parcel home - a lot of nice things, souvenirs, gifts, etc. In total 30 kilograms.

I have had an opportunity to watch how the employees of Saigon Post office work. Particularly interesting was a lady, "manufacturing" the carton boxes.

A little background to that - every parcel has to be packed in a box of certain standards. Probably due to efficiency, the boxes are custom made each time, according to the size of parcel contents. There are a lot of customers in the post office, and this one woman is able to make boxes to all of them without much wait time. A speed is truly blazing, she just looks at the parcel contents, and makes a box of exact size without many measurements. A pleasure to watch.

Life is interesting indeed. Based on my experience in such institutions, I would have expected a laid-back employee offering three sizes of the overpriced boxes - small, medium and big. What I got was a fast, custom and cheap service.

Now, don't take it granted that all the parts of the "sending process" were so easy. Especially, the requirement to open and unpack all the contents of the parcel three times.

But, one has to relax in countries like Vietnam, and then things happen.

Tension, anxiety and worries do not help at all.

Note: I do not have a clue why did Youtube stretch the video in a stupid way. Tried to edit it, but it does not work. Next time will have to film without rotating my camera.


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Video issues

I was filming with my camera rotated 90 degrees, and uploaded narrow but high video to youtube.

Youtube for some reason stretched it horizontally without any chance to revert it back to the original. 


Really amazing handjob.

About your resolution. Does youtube support video ratio 16:9? Cause it looks to me like it is the case - you film in 16:9 aspect ratio and have preconvert it to 4:3 before uploading. Maybe i'm wrong ...