Are we really quitting the office jobs and leaving to Asia?

Have you ever had thoughts similar to:

"Oh, I wish I could be a pensioner when I'm young, and work when I'm old"


"I'm so exhausted in my job, I really need half a year of vacation to sort things out and get back on track"?

I bet you did. What action did you take? Erm, yes. The action to "wait a little bit and see what happens".

That's ok - most of us choose this one, and later on wonder what would happen IF a different option was chosen.

And thats exactly what we'll do: is here to illustrate and document the progress of the friends, who once decided to quit the established positions in companies they worked for, take a break in their careers and travel to Asia, for travel and exploration purposes. Read our manifesto here.

So whenever you get bored in the office, you should come over and read what would you be doing at this very moment if you had chosen that other option. (Bookmark now, it will be easier to find it later!)

The answer to why we named ourselves and this website "Cringel" is here.



Some quick facts:

  • The departure was 2007 January 23
  • We started in Thailand
  • We managed to persuade 2 more friends to join us in Thailand, met two more in Nepal, and one more in Australia. Small world.
  • The plan is to stay until August, 2007. Update: return date moved to December 2007
  • Countries visited are:
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

  • Thailand, again

Went home December 15th, 2007. Detailed route of our trip - here

So, what do you think? Was worth trying this or should we have better stayed at our jobs? Write a short comment now (the link is just below)


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wu-san's picture

thank you

Hope you dont mind that I used one of your photos for my blog:

the post here

I've credited and linked your site, as I am really interested in the site and what all of you are doing. As I really want to travel again in the future, and you've been to some places I've been to and Miss, so I always like to read up on other peoples' journeys to these places. So this is future reading here for me :P

P.S of course I will take the picture down if you are against it :) thought I should let you know that I'm using a picture so you can decide if its ok.

I stumbled across this site by accident, but it's my kind of thing, and I cant believe you all left your jobs, must be liberating in so many ways though.

take care

Marius's picture

Using the photograph

Hi, Wu-san,


you are welcome to use the picture. I'm happy that you did a link back, as most of people would just use it without informing the author in any way.

Happy reading, and if you happen to need a subjective opinion about one place or another, you're welcome to ask.


All the best. 


Big Escape

Dear Cringel crew


With interest I’d reed a post in “Verslo Žinios“about your travel. A specialy what part about 4 Yuppies who left the careers behind, and moved somthere... i found my self stack in the similar situation last year, but the only movement, I managed to make, was movement to London. In other hand it’s not so bad. A lot new experience, a lot new faces, a lot new possibility, and the world around me become mach smaller. Only one thing is bothering me, as always, I couldn’t escape a safe life. It’s so easy to live here in London. But never know; now I have some wishes, about life in beach city, in Sydney or San Francisco… So I surfing your page, and with small feeling of jealousy, wishing you to take everything what is possible from this big escape.

P.S. I really like your pictures, if it’s only after one session of photography classes. It’s dam good. Good luck.

Marius's picture

Yuppies versus career

Hi, Lux,

it's great that you're reading Verslo klase, as well as

One of the ideas behind the website was to show (by example) the people that can't become happy with their conventional lifestyles that there are quite possible ways to change it.


I wouldn't call ourselves yuppies (if that's what you ment). It is little bit too pretentious for us. If we'd work in Wall Street and drive Porsches - maybe, but that's not the case. We're quite normalpeople, finding happiness in things more simple than that.


I think moving to London was a brave step - the majority of those that complain about what they do and how they live, still continue the same routine for years, not able to take action. I dont' know if the beach city could be "the one" answer, it usually isn't so simple. There has to be a certain combination of the factors that are important to you.

In any case, we'll be in Australia in two weeks time, so I will try to enlighten you on the situation there. Stay tuned.


Big thanks for compliments regarding photography. It's not a result of only one session of classes. We've been interested in it already before the trip. Still, the classes were good. Mr. Stanislovas Zvirgzdas is a great source of photographic wisdom.

Also, during half a year of our travels, we have made over 20000 photographs. That's a good practice and a great privilege to be able to photograph all day long, as well as during the best lighting conditions. If you are working, you have to stay in the office most of that time, and when you go back home, it's dark. No time for photography.

Cringel Jurga's picture

change of the date

Asia is such, that we decided to stay longer. Until Christmas, we think.



Its both interesting and inspiring to read your site, while sitting in the office with rainy weather outside :/. I've also spent more than one year working and travelling in se asia (malaysia in particular), so your writings definitely bring lots of memories back. By the way, I just returned from siem reap a month ago - but never happen to see those strange plastic drink cans while there! :)

If you need any advice or contacts in malaysia (especially KL), don't hesitate to ask. You can also check out my site with pics from malaysia/singapore here -

cheers and best luck discovering that amazing part of the world!


Cringel Jurga's picture

sorry to coming back to your

sorry to coming back to your message only now - you know Myanmar and all that. we definately will contact you when in Malaisia. Thanks! By the way - nice pictures of yours.

.. na paskubejau su tuo

.. na paskubejau su tuo klausimu :) atradau pati, kad esate mano tautieciai ;) darote tai ka ash visada norejau daryti! Dievinu azija! Beje, taip pat planuoju baigus moxlus mesti shita nuobodu office job ir dingti ish shalies kuriam laikui. Ar planuojate kelione baigti Rugpjuti tixliai ? :)

just a little coment :)*

u guys are soooo cooool!!!!! :) any way, I wanna ask you: aren't you originaly form lithuania?

I wish i could come back :)

Hi guys,

it's always nice too see people traveling, and when they quit their jobs is even nicer :) I understand you completly, cause I did the same thing few years ago - left my boring office job and did similar route in SE Asia. And I never regreted that. Now I'm back in office and not a day pass without thinking about travelling. so I browse travel sites and make millions diferent routes for my future travels :) probably my boss woud'nt be happy about that :) and one small advice - spend less time with laptop on internet, cause you came there to runaway from this kind of life. and more enjoy fantastic nature, food, meeting new people, beautiful sea, warm sun.... good luck

 p.s. don't  miss unbelievible beautiful Perentien Islands in Malaysia- the best beach in SE Asia (by my opinion)

Marius's picture


Wow, great to hear that other people are doing the same too.

Do you have any kind of blog that covers your past travels?

Thanks for your tips! 

My friend wrote a diary and

My friend wrote a diary and i think he's trying to put it on internet. I just put some pictures on the net

Marius's picture


Nice pics. How's your friend connected to them?

Travel directions?


помимо всех выше перечисленных стран загляните еще в Аргентину, супер дешево! Я только вернулась оттуда.
За ужин на двоих в дорогом ресторане в Буэнос Айресе
- 2 Стейка по 500 грамм каждый из чистого бычьего филе, бутылка отличного красного вина, салаты и гарниры к ним, кофе на десерт - мы заплатили приблизительно 30 Евро.
В Pampas, где этих быков тьма-тьмущая parilla (гриль) еще дешевле.

Удачного Вам путешествия!

Галина Ланге

Marius's picture

South America

Yes, I believe South America is as much interesting as Asia, and we had some difficulties in choosing one over another.

So during our next trip we'll definitely go to Argentina, if we end up in South America.

Thanks for your tips. 

chica_alicantina's picture

bon courage!

bon courage!

Marius's picture

If I may wish to myself,

then I wish not only courage, but also appetite.

Noodles, chicken, Tom-yam soup, here I come! 

great idea and lots of

great idea and lots of courage. Take care and good luck. hopefully more will follow


:) pusmetis - ne taip jau ir daug. Lauksiu tolesnių žinučių.

Marius's picture

Translation of previous post

:) half a year is not so much, Waiting for further posts.

Why "cringel travellers" ?

Why "cringel travellers" ?

Good luck guys.

Marius's picture

Choice of cringel explained

Thanks for wishing luck, anonymous!

Check out "Why did we choose Cringel as the name" to answer your question.

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